On the Eve of the Canadian Election, here is JC’s plea

This poem first was broadcast on CBC’s program Commentary. JC brings it back to these pages on the eve of Canada’s federal election to BEG voters to turn out and vote.

So much is riding on each riding’s choice. \ JC hopes Canadians know how much each vote counts. Feel free to comment on her poem, “Anthem.”



A Mountie sings Oh Canada

A Fine baritone in scarlet

Odd how his stiff brown hat stays put


I strain to hear the others –their singing jumbles off

high glass planes, transparent walls

I make out Des plus brilliants

God keep

Glorious and free


I hear my voice, small in the great room

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee


I will the words to be true

Fear we are not up to it


Many don’t vote

They squander their choices, our democracy

Grumble at leaders in power almost by default


Our fault, really

Centred in little lives, blind to our need to protect

our country — beautiful, fragile


We ought to know better, to know

what to do for Canada every day

and in times of flood, plague, war and fire
Could someone tell us how

or should we go out there, start somewhere

Work not only for ourselves

but for our Canada


A half hour a day

times the 34 million of us or so

(minus the sick, the too-young)

would sure buy a lot


of standing on guard

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