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County Bookclubs and Mystery Lovers: Come Meet Steve Burrows at the County Launch of his New Birder Murder Mystery

Calling all County Book Clubs and mystery lovers to attend the Prince Edward County launch of Steve Burrows’ 8th ‘birder murder’ mystery, A Nye of Pheasants. This fundraiser for the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory takes place on Saturday, May 18 at South Bay United Church, 2029 County Road 13, starting at 2:30 PM. Here’s a unique […]
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The County Reads: JC Sulzenko Presented ALL THE COLOUR IN THE WORLD April 18 in Picton

JC was delighted to be one of five debaters in this year’s The County Reads on April 18 in Picton, Prince Edward County. On the eve of the Authors Festival, the in-person audience enjoyed hearing debaters argue why their Canadian book published during the last 5 years should be read by everyone in the County. […]
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For the Total eclipse JC celebrated National Poetry Month with poems about the sun on The County Reads…The County Writes

        Lynn Pickering’s interview with JC aired on Sunday, April 7, after the noon news on 99.3 County FM’s The County Reads… The County writes. JC read her ecletic selection of poems written by poets from the mid 1800’s to today. “Since Prince Edward County is on the path of totality for […]
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C.S. Richardson’s ALL THE COLOUR IN THE WORLD: JC’s choice at County Reads, April 18, 2024, in Picton

Here’s the link to the story on about the Prince Edward County Authors Festival’s County Reads debate at which JC will champion ALL THE COLOUR IN THE WORLD, the C.S. Richardson novel which was a finalist for the 2023 Giller Prize.  Five panellists will attempt to persuade the in-person audience that their title […]
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County Arts Mentorship Program Panel on March 26 Featured JC Sulzenko

JC was a panellist in the wrap-up event at the Picton Armoury for the first County Arts Mentorship Program, which began in October, 2023.  JC spoke first on the panel and described how she worked closely with County poet Heather Lindsay over the four core months of the mentorship. She discussed how their collaboration evolved […]
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A poem to deflect COVID blues

Yes, it finally snuck into my life. In spite of my diligence for almost 3 years in wearing a mask and gloves in any indoor public space and handwashing/sanitizing until my hands felt raw, the current incarnation of the virus hit me like a fully-loaded truck. I am grateful to have access to anti-viral medication […]
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The Wellington Times feature JC’s poem “Evergreen” in its December 13 edition.

JC thanks The Wellington Times for bringing her seasonal, prose poem, “Evergreen” to readers in Prince Edward County. “For everyone who does not receive the print version of this weekly paper, here is the poem. I hope you enjoy it. Happy holidays to one and all.” Evergreen I unwrap the witch on her broomstick—a merry […]
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JC suggested gifts of poetry on 99.3 County FM

On Sunday, December 10 on 99.3 County FM, the voice of Prince Edward County, JC recommended 5 poetry books in time for the holidays to Lynn Pickering, host of  The County Writes…The County Reads.   “What a challenge to decide which titles to feature in this interview. I chose poetry that illuminates this season of festivals […]
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Found Poems: Enter them in TOPS Contest by November 15, 2023.

Here’s the link to the Ontario Poetry Society’s contest which closes in mid-November: JC can hardly wait to read the entries which are already coming in. “I enjoy found poetry, both when I create new work based on words or lines sourced elsewhere and also when I read what innovative poems others write. Found […]
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JC’s collaborative poem with Carol A. Stephen published in Silver Birch Press series on spices and seasonings

JC and Carol have been writing collaboratively for many years. Their first full collection, which seeks a publisher, has the working title of BREATH OF SKY AND WATER. This manuscript includes the poem “Afloat on Flan Pond,” which California-based Silver Birch Press published in its series with spices and seasonings as the theme. To read […]
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Follow up: Between Beauty and Loss Workshop and Mentorship Program with JC Sulzenko

Prince Edward County’s Arts Lab programming in October featured JC a weekend workshop which explored the synergy between collage and found poetry. JC welcomed the participation of registered artists and writers. “I learn so much in such exchanges. It amazed me how many of us worked in both collage and in words with imagery related […]
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For September 30: A. Garnett Weiss cento in memoriam the child victims of residential schools

I did not know what to do                                  Let us stand here and admit we have no road, though what we say can cover truth beneath the bitter ground this year— the past itself disgraced by the ferocity of the […]
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“WILD CRONE WISDOM” online reading October 28 featured two poems by JC Sulzenko

Editors Stacy Russo and Julie Artman of Wild Librarian Press (Santa Ana, California) offer a new  anthology of poetry and stories worth savouring. Just published ‘WILD CRONE WISDOM, POETRY AND STORIES” embraces poetry of depth and character. In pushing aside the negativity surrounding the term, ‘crone,’  the editors created a collection that embraces crones, women […]
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A. Garnett Weiss Cento featured in “Hope Springs Eternal, An anthology of Hopeful Poetry”

In its new anthology Simple Simons Press published “Time in the hourless houses,” a cento by A. Garnett Weiss. This found poem also features in BRICOLAGE, A GATHERING OF CENTOS, JC’s collection from Aeolus House (2021.) JC, writing as A. Garnett Weiss, is the sole Canadian whose work appears in the slim volume. This piece, […]
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Between Beauty and Loss, JC Sulzenko’s hands-on County Arts Lab Workshop in October

Join JC over the weekend of October 14 and 15 to explore collage and found poetry and the dialogue between the two as part of the offerings from the The Prince Edward County Arts Council at the Armoury in Picton, Ontario. Each afternoon, participants will delve into their personal experience and how that relates to […]
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JC’s Letter to the Editor of the Globe and Mail published August 20, 2023

Here’s the text of my letter, unaltered from what I submitted, regarding this article — “Canadian writers can’t afford to write non-fiction anymore – and that’s a problem for all of us” (Arts & Books, Aug. 12): I appreciate contributor Charlotte Gray’s considered analysis of the woeful state of Canadian non-fiction publishing and, in particular, the […]
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DIMESTORIES: JC returns to read at Blizzmax Gallery, Saturday August 19 at 3:00 PM

JC returns to Blizzmax Gallery 3071 County Road 13 with 3 poems as part of an afternoon of 5-minute readings by Prince Edward County writers.  Organizers Nora-Lyn Veevers and Jane Macdonald invited local authors to tell a story in very short segments in what is an intimate and unique space. Alice Mennecher is well known […]
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Two, New Bookends Mini-Reviews by JC

JC reviews two recent reads. Go to Bookends on this site to find her ratings of a book that’s hard to typecast: “World of Wonders: In praise of Fireflies, Whale Sharks, and Other Astonishments,” written by Aimee Nezhukumatathil and illustrated by Fumi Nakamura, 2020. The second review JC shares focuses on a very Canadian novel written in […]
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The Book of Eve, Constance Beresford-Howe

One of my book clubs read Constance Beresford-Howe’s A Serious Widow. And after I discovered The Book of Eve (1973), on loan to me, on a neglected shelf amidst yet to be read poetry collections, I read it in almost one-sitting. Not the only writer to tackle a wife/mother/slave to her time and place in the […]
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World of Wonders: In Praise of Fireflies, Whale Sharks, and Other Astonishments

This 2020 book by by Aimee Nezhukumatathil and illustrated by Fumi Nakamura, was on one of my book club’s list for last year, but we didn’t get to it. Part memoir, part selective, nature exposé focussing on creatures and flora of surprising and unusual variety, part poem, part collection of mini-essays, part Cri de Coeur regarding climate […]
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Great afternoon of DIMESTORIES: JC read 2 Poems at Blizzmax Gallery in Prince Edward County

Invited to participate in an afternoon of 5-minute readings, JC began her segment of the program with one long poem, a triptych that captures three facets of her experience during a winter escape to South Carolina before the pandemic. “I loved the idea of short readings on a summer’s day. Choosing which snippets of writing […]
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South Carolina anthology features 3 poems by JC Sulzenko

JC is delighted that three of her poems appear in the 2023 Tales on the Yellow Brick Road anthology just launched by Yellow Brick Road Publishing of Beaufort, South Carolina. Here’s a link to the story on this new collection of poetry and prose, which appears in the current issue of Your Island News: […]
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ARTSCENE featured JC’s winning cento on 99.3FM Voice of the County

JC thanks ARTSCENE host Sarah Moran for inviting her to participate in the discussion on June 2 of  winning entries in the 2023 Wind & Water Writing Contest, the 5th such competition sponsored by County Arts in Prince Edward County.  JC, writing as A. Garnett Weiss, won first prize for her cento, “For our many […]
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Wind and Water 2023 Contest awards first place to JC writing as A. Garnett Weiss

JC thanked the judges and convenors of the Prince Edward County Arts Council’s Annual Wind and Water Writing Contest for selecting her cento as the winning poetry entry. The cento “For our many moods, there is nothing like a lantern” uses lines drawn unaltered apart for reasons of punctuation from individual poems by 9 different […]
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Al Purdy Day, April 21– JC celebrates with A. Garnett Weiss cento based on Purdy lines

The League of Canadian Poets declared April 21 as AL PURDY DAY to recognize his legacy. Published under her pseudonym A. Garnett Weiss, JC’s collection of centos, BRICOLAGE:A GATHERING OF CENTOS, features “Where love was slowly becoming possible,” based on Al’s poems. For the Art of Conversation joint project of the County Arts Council and the […]
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Poetry Super Highway’s 25th Annual Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Poetry Issue includes “Forced journey” by JC Sulzenko writing as A. Garnett Weiss

Editor Rick Lupert has assembled a collection of memorable poems from writers around the world to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.  This is not an easy collection to read, but it is a courageous one. These poems and poets make unavoidable and important the act of remembering the scale of inhumanity of a nation driven to […]
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JC’s Poetry Prompt for National Poetry Month selected by Poetry Super Highway (PSH)

Here’s the full text of the prompt that PSH Editor Rick Lupert posted on April 12:  “If I had…” or roads not taken. Write a poem imagining/focussing on how your life or your subject’s life could have been changed or become different if one decision had been made that was different from what actually happened. […]
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Ontario Poetry Society and Aeolus House Poetry Afternoon April 15, 2PM-4PM

JC reads from her collection, Bricolage, A Gathering of Centos, at the Spring into Poetry in-person book launch, Saturday, April 15 at the Toronto Public Library’s Main Street Branch, 137 Main Street. IB Iskov, President and Founder of the Ontario Poetry Society (TOPS), and Aeolus House Publisher Allan Briesmaster co-host this TOPS event at which […]
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JC’s “Find a poem” Workshop for NCR Canadian Authors Association

JC was delighted with the turn-out for the April 11 ZOOM workshop on how to find a poem as a way to celebrate National Poetry Month! Whether erasure, black-out, or cut-up poetry intrigues (or all 3!), this hour-long interactive session engaged local and faraway participants in exploring the possibilities for creating an original work from […]
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BRICOLAGE in the Poetry Super Highway 2023 Great Poetry Exchange

JC Sulzenko participated in the Poetry Super Highway’s Great Poetry Exchange by sending a copy of her collection of centos to another poet whose address the US-based publisher provided. She wrote BRICOLAGE as A. Garnett Weiss, her pseudonym. Here’s the link to the list of poets whose work featured in this 2023 initiative: “This […]
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