JC’s published books and plays for children.

A Play for children from JC Sulzenko

What my grandma means to say, JC’s one-act play, gives elementary school-aged children and their families the chance to learn in a gentle way about how Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias can affect a person and what they can do to support someone living such a disease.

The setting provided by the play encourages children to ask questions in a safe-feeling environment, removed from the emotion that attaches when such an illness affects someone close to them.

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“What My Grandma Means to Say:” Get your copy through this website

JC Sulzenko’s 48-page storybook adaptation of her one-act play about  11 year-old Jake and his grandma, who is living with Alzheimer’s disease, is now available from this website.  Just send your request to, and you will receive instructions on how and where to place your order. (The book is still available in hard copy and  sells for $12.95 plus shipping and handling. The e-book will be re-listed at major sites soon.)

Illustrated in full colour by Gary Frederick, the book lets young readers, ages 8-12, and their families, share Jake’s experience as he watches his grandma change from world traveller, expert birder and best cookie baker to someone who forgets where she lives and cannot remember his name.  Once Grandma moves to a long-term care residence, Jake becomes her regular Saturday visitor. He develops a routine and knows what to expect when he is with her, until an extraordinary conversation makes him think she is cured. read more »

Boot Crazy

A storybook in delightful rhyme with brilliant, colourful illustrations by Mary Moore. Ideal for 3 to 7 year-olds at home, at school, at the library. Designed and illustrated to encourage children to read.

Twins Janet and Jamie love, love, love their new rubber boots. What happens when their feet grow and grow and grow?

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Fat poems Tall poems Long poems Small

Can you tell a book by its cover? Not exactly with this delightful, full-colour poetry book for 4 to 8 year-olds. The cover gives just a taste of the illustrations and whimsical poems for children and their families in this unique collection.

A few poems are in rhyme, others in free verse. Some are serious. A number quite silly. Monsters lurk under beds, dogs dream about not being dogs. There are missing teeth grins, a girl in the window and even good luck fairies between the covers. read more »

Annabella and the WereWolves of Whale Cove

Sold Out

Illustrated by Katherine Goldney, published in 2001

Cover of Annabella and the Werewolves of Whale Cove

Seven year-old Annabella goes to Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy for a summer holiday.

Thrilled to be there, she’s heard about the werewolves of Whale Cove and fears them.

Read this story to find out what happens to Annabella during her adventure by the sea.

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Annabella and The TyCoon

Third printing

Illustrated by Katherine Goldney; first published in 1999 and now a brand new reprint.

Cover of Annabella and the Tycoon

Prequel to Annabella and the WereWolves of Whale Cove.

Almost seven year-old Annabella’s school has no money for musical instruments. But Annabella wants to play the euphonium in a school band. Read this story about Annabella’s crusade to save her school bands from disappearing.

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Back to Back Stories for Lilli and Zach
Out of print

Illustrated by Janice Friis, published in 2000

Cover of Back to Back Stories for Lilli and ZachTwo stories in unique back to back (flip) format for children three and up.

The Dream Mixture shows how four year-old Lilli finds a magical way to fall asleep instead of insisting on yet another bedtime story.

Letters for Lilli turns wintertime ‘cabin fever’ with a toddler into a unique hunt for the letters of the alphabet. read more »